Reconstruction in the South

English lesson 80

Lesson 76 review

Andrew Johnson, who was president Lincoln’s vice president, became president after Lincoln’s assassination. Lincoln had chosen Andrew for his vice president because he came from the southern states. Andrew was a democrat. Lincoln believed he would appeal to both the northern and the southern states.

The Reconstruction’s objective was used by Congress to force considerable changes in the south. Severe conditions were widely established and enforced by the union military being sent to the south. All of this prompted violence, instability, and tension in the south.

The Klu Klux Klan was the name used by three separate groups in the history of the United States of America. Klan members used secrecy and wore costumes that consisted of large baggy white robes, a white cloth that covered the wearer’s face, and big pointed hoods. The first Klan was instituted by Nathan Bedford and various other confederate veterans who were irritated with the Reconstruction’s strategies and schemes. They acted like vigilantes who contributed to white supremacy by threats and brutality and bloodshed and violence.