President George H. W. Bush

George H .W. Bush was the forty- first president of the United States.  He was born on June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts.  He went to school like any other normal child.

When World War Two started the same year that he graduated, instead of going to college, he enlisted for the Navy.  He became the youngest pilot in the Navy at the time, at age eighteen.  He flew over 50 missions over the Pacific while he served.

When he came back, he attended Yale University and graduated in 1948. He married Barbara Pierce in 1945, shortly before attending Yale, and would have six children with her in all.

After he finished college, he moved to Texas and became a millionaire after he started an oil business.  He decided he should try becoming a politician and won a seat in the House.  He lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980 when he tried to run for president, but did get chosen for Reagan’s Vice President.

After eight years, he was elected as President in 1988.  He would only serve one term.  During his Presidency, he decided to mostly work on foreign relations.  He raised taxes, despite the fact that he said he would lower them.

One of the most important moves as president was his role in the Gulf War.  Iraq wanted the oil fields in Kuwait and invaded.  The gulf war was mostly made up of two stages, Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  Desert Shield was a project to build up defenses within Saudi Arabia.  Desert Storm was a massive air strike to drive the Iraqis away.  Since the Iraqis were being supplied with Soviet weaponry, their ultimate defeat was taken badly by the Soviets.

He lost his next presidential campaign to Bill Clinton due to a small six month recession at the end of his term.  In 1993 he departed from public office, but supported and remained active in humanitarian activities.

He and his wife hold the record for the longest presidential marriage.  Sadly, Barbara Pierce died on April 17, 2018.