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January 16, 2019

Does Caitlin EVER post on here? WOW. I guess I will! So, um… What to write, what to write…

OK! So, As you probably know…(wait, do you know?) anyways, every Tuesday, everybody gets their backpack and loads into our big black school-bus (aka. our transit). We drive over to our piano teachers house at about 10:30 where we all take turns practicing piano at hen house until about 3:00. We usually make one person practice, and when they are done, the rest of the people go, and the one person can go with mom to the store or something. Well, yesterday was my turn and I went with mom to Target. I GOT THIS SUPER CUTE LITTLE CANDLE! I also got some little rings and stuff but. yeah. What have you been doing this week? Tell me!