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Keeper of the Lost Cities Story Summary Pt. 1

The main character is a girl named Sophie, who had been hearing the thoughts of other people since she was five, when she had a severe head injury. One day, a boy named Fitz tells her that she is not a human, but in fact an elf, one of the five intelligent species on the planet. The other intelligent species being gnomes, trolls, goblins, and ogres. Humans were booted out because they were being extremely violent and wanted to rule the world. Since that time, they had forgotten all about the other species, and all that remained were myths. Fitz, who Sophie learns can also read minds and is an elf, light-leaped her to Everglen, his family estate in an Elvin City called Eternalia. He explained that light-leaping is the elves’ way of traveling, you hold a special crystal to the light, and depending on the angles cut into the crystal, the path of light created will take you to different places. You step into the light path, and your body will break up and ride on the rays of light. She is astounded by all the wealth and grandeur of the elves, and Fitz tells her that money is a thing that all elves have, not need. She meets his father, Alden, who tells her that they had been searching for her for twelve years, but wouldn’t explain why. He answers most of her questions, such as why elves didn’t age after they reached adulthood, and how she could read minds. It turns out that all elves usually manifest a special ability around 13 or 14, and Sophie is a Telepath. She manifested when she was five, which is extremely and unnaturally early, and that brought suspicion from the 12 Councillors, aka. the head honchos of the Elvin world. Also, Sophie is the only elf ever to have brown eyes, all other elves have blue eyes. Alden did not answer her questions about the strange neon yellow wildfires that were surrounding her old home, or why the Councillors kept saying the word “moonlark” whenever they talked about her. She couldn’t live with her human family anymore, so the elves were planning to stage a tragic death that would explain her disappearance. Sophie didn’t want her family to live with that, so she asked if they could have all traces of her wiped from their minds instead. Alden said that there were elves called Washers with the ability to wash memories from a person’s mind. After her family’s mind were wiped, she went to live with a new family, Grady and Edaline. They were friends with Alden used to have a daughter named Jolie, who died in a suspicious fire no one knew the cause of. They had not been outside of their estate since, but Alden assured her that they were kind people. They lived at a place called Havenfield where they took care, healed of all the endangered animals that needed a home, and also got them used to a vegetarian diet (so that they wouldn’t eat each other). When Sophie went to live with Grady and Edaline, she was at first stunned to see a neon green feathered T-rex named Verdi, until she learned that the elves took care of every single species that ever lived on the planet. It was an elvish philosophy that all animals were put on earth for a reason, and if one species were to go extinct, it would set a timeline to inevitable destruction.

And Charlotte says this is getting too long, so I’ll stop, and complete summarizing the book over time. Bye!

~Caitlin ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ“š

Ps. I forgot to say that Fitz has a younger sister named Biana (she hasn’t manifested yet), and his mom is named Della and is a vanisher (which means she can turn invisible), and also an older brother named Alvar, who is also a vanisher.

Pps! I also forgot that the book’s author is Shannon Messenger. Bye! ๐Ÿ˜„


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