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English Lesson 70 Essay

“Was Washington’s view of the future also my view of the future?”

First, let’s talk about what Booker’s vision of the future was. His vision of the future was for all the people of all the different races to be treated with equal respect, working together and being productive members of society. In the present day, most people work with and treat other people the same way as anyone, no matter what race they come from. Booker’s vision isn’t complete yet though, racism still exists in many places. However, Booker knew that his vision wouldn’t happen right away, and it would take a long time. It has been 104 years since he died, and the world and its different peoples have certainly improved since then. When he lived, the black people had a hard time even earning enough money to eat or to clothe themselves. His vision for the blacks included a lot of hard work, but he firmly believed that in order for anyone to respected members of society, they had to earn it by providing some service for the community. He worked tirelessly for others to realize his vision. Now it’s normal to see people from different races playing and working together.

I don’t really have a vision of the future, or I haven’t really thought about it that often, but I haven’t ever thought of anybody as inferior or treated anybody different, because I was raised to view everyone as equals. I think it’s cool to learn about the different cultures and history behind each race, but that doesn’t make me look down on any race in any way. Treating people with respect has always been normal for me, and also it’s simply the right thing to do. So I guess that Booker’s vision of the future is mine too, or at least included it.

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