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Keeper of the Lost Cities Story Summary Pt. 2

Sorry this took so long to write! I got sidetracked and kept forgetting about it… ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Here’s the story:

By this time Sophie was officially the most powerful telepath in the history of elves. No one could break into her mind, and she didn’t even know how to block yet. She had already found her way into one of the Councillor’s minds, and that was supposed to be nearly impossible. If anyone who knew about her mind reading wasn’t suspicious of her before, they were now, because nobody had ever been able to have that level of telepathy. She had also learned that all elves could levitate things with telekinesis.

One day Alden took her to see an elf called Tiergan who was also a telepath. Alden had asked him if he could mentor Sophie with her telepathy, and for some reason she didn’t know, Alden and Tiergan were not on the best of terms. They kept fighting whenever the name Prentice came up in their conversation. In the end, Tiergan agreed to mentor her for one year. The Council didn’t want anybody to know that she could read minds, so her telepathy sessions would be secret. Della gave her a registry pendant and a nexus for her to wear at all times. The registry pendant is a necklace that allows the Council to track where you’ve been, and the nexus is a special bracelet that keeps any part of your body from fading away when you light leap. When your concentration is strong enough, the nexus will pop off.

When she woke up the next day, she found Grady studying some old scrolls. She saw the words “Project Moonlark” on the bottom, but he rolled them up and shoved them into his pocket before she could see more, as if he didn’t want her seeing them. When she asked about Project Moonlark he said it was extremely classified, but wondered how she could’ve read it, because the scroll was written in cipher runes. Later, Edaline took her to Mysterium, another elvish city, to visit Kesler, Edaline’s brother-in-law, who ran a shop called Slurps and Burps: Your Merry Apothecary. He was super surprised to see her, but was also super elated. Sophie met Kesler’s son, a boy named Dex , who was currently being yelled at by Stina Heks’s (the school bully) mom. He had put a balding solution into Stina’s lunch and now he had to make something to make her hair grow back before school (but he confidentially told Sophie it would also make her grow a beard.).

The next day she had to go to Foxfire, the elves’ most elite school, and she was super nervous. Instead of grades, the elves divided up the students into levels. She was a level two, and her uniform was blue. Her classes were easier than she expected, and her telepathy sessions were a breeze, but she still almost got electrocuted trying to catch lightning in a bottle. She saw Dex there, and made two other friends, a boy named Jensi, and a girl named Marella. Neither of them had manifested either and had to go to these special classes where they would get tested for abilities. When she managed to destroy her alchemy teacher’s cape, she got sent to the healing center, but she got lost and befriended a boy named Keefe, showed her the way to the healing center. He later became one of her best friends. And that will conclude Pt. 2 of the Keeper of the Lost Cities Story Summary!

For those who read the first story summary before I posted this one, I had to edit it a bunch, so there might be some extra information that you might not know about yet. To go to the first story summary, click here.

Hope you enjoyed! ~Caitlin ๐Ÿ˜


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